Outdoor Awareness Program (OAP)

The Outdoor Awareness Program (OAP) was founded in 1977. Since the beginning, we have believed that formal education alone is not enough to give students a good, holistic experience. Our OAP program supplements the school curriculum with practical experience that benefit both students and teachers. Being located on the 30,000-acre Y.O. Ranch allows us the prime opportunity to give students a first-hand, up-close, and live look at the natural world. Students will gain experience and learn concepts that encourage individual involvement within our environment. These concepts, along with the OAP experience, will last each student a lifetime


The OAP program is operated by Y.O. Ranch Adventures and is located at the heart of the 40,000 acre Y.O. Ranch. The vast amount of land the ranch provides the Camp is a truly unique setting. Camp headquarters consists of separate boys’ and girls’ side, an open-air pavilion, camp store, kitchen, camp offices, infirmary, and recreational areas.

In addition to the main camp, Y.O. Ranch Adventures has activity sites spread throughout the Ranch.

  • Camp Corrals
  • Riding Arena
  • Archery & Shooting Ranges
  • Two Low Ropes Courses
  • High Ropes Challenge Course
  • 52-foot Climb Tower
  • Low-impact Campsites
  • Exotic animal safari bus tour

The program director will be happy to work with you to create a program that will suit your needs. Before selecting activities, we suggest that you develop some specific goals for your program.